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Libvirtd TCP port 16514 queries

The first part is about systemd's socket-based activation. The second part is about IPv4/IPv6 dual stack handling systemd's socket-based activation systemd.socket: A unit configuration file whose ...
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FreeBSD 10 guest on qemu/kvm CentOS 7 host

8 years later I'm here to answer this question. Default FreeBSD ISO/etc does not enable serial port by default(As far as I know). I solved it by building a custom ISO. 1) Install FreeBSD using virt-...
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KVM: qemu-system-x86_64: cannot set up guest memory 'pc.ram': Cannot allocate memory

This is not KVM/QEMU/LIBVIRT bug, since it is the kernel running out of system memory by allocating of 1G. This can be: impossibility to free cached blocks by the FS (depending on type of FS, e. g. ...
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Filter packets with iptables on a tap interface

If you add a logging rule to your FORWARD table to capture any ICMP traffic... iptables -I FORWARD -p icmp -j LOG --log-prefix 'FORWARD_ICMP ' ...you'll see that the input interface is the bridge, ...
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