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resolv.conf being stupid about local kvm domain

resolv.conf does not support split DNS configuration. It does not matter how you order the lines (or how NetworkManager orders the lines), – it can only define one global pool of nameservers, and all ...
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TrueNAS Scale Installation on Proxmox Fails with "lsblk: CANT_FIND_vda3_OR_vdap3: not a block device" Error

The solution is to boot in UEFI mode. Changing the BIOS from SeaBIOS to OVMF (UEFI), then booting into the UEFI settings and disabling Secure Boot. After rebooting, the TrueNAS installation should be ...
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Change amount of Ram and CPU cores in KVM

This is the exact way to change RAM and CPU cores through the Virtual Machine Manager GUI app (virt-manager): In Virtual Machine Manager, double-click your VM. A new window appears. On the top ribbon ...
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How to restart KVM network bridge after host reboot?

After restarting my Servers, I could not reach the guest and after checking the network: virsh net-list, I got the default network instead of my bridge. I'm trying to bring my bridge network (br0) up ...
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