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If your VM is crashing, that's a bug somewhere, probably in qemu. I suggest filing a bug with whatever linux distribution you are using.


The "only" way we can make a port forward using KVM (libvirt) with the "default network" (virbr0) is using the hack/workaround informed by @Antony Nguyen . Or more simply you can use libvirt-hook-qemu. This thread has a complete explanation of how to solve this problem for CentOS 7 (and certainly for other distros) using libvirt-hook-qemu: https://superuser....


Your XML has an error in it, and because of that I have no idea how you got it into libvirt to begin with. To define a network corresponding to an existing bridge on the host that libvirt does not manage, you need to have a <bridge> element inside the <forward> element. But your XML does not. You should not have: <interface dev='br0'/&...

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