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Network traffic detected on nethogs but not netstat

If there's nothing listening on your server's port (443), linux will still respond to incoming TCP SYN packet with a RST,ACK to say "nothing on this port, bugger off". That TCP response is ...
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Daily overview of traffic with information on what processes consumed how much of the traffic on a Linux server

I think Datadog might be what you are looking for. Datadog is very rich and according to Gartner one of the market leaders. It also allows you to create custom dashboards. But it also offers a lot ...
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How to route two DHCP interfaces to two different networks

You are getting two default gateways from your two DHCP servers, thus your machine has two default routes with equal metric; it doesn't know which one is preferred and tries to use both of them, with ...
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Multipath routing for backup gateway

You will need to write and run some script as a system-level service to detect Internet connectivity and dynamically switch default gateway if the current one fails. Using a single routing table is ...
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