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Load balancer with HAProxy

Sorry everyone- I was too soon to post! I just found this configuration online! global slowlog_flat 100 defaults mode http timeout connect 5000ms timeout client 50000ms timeout ...
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How to put multiple VMs behind a single *private* IP address on Azure?

Resilient, independently tested systems ideally share as few common components as practical. Try to not depend on having an IP address be the same between such environments. Allows more flexibility in ...
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Unicast-mode network load balancing on Hyper-V virtual servers

I'm not completely following your question, but I will tell you that if you want to use NLB then you have to enable MAC address spoofing on the NLB NIC on each VM. See below.
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DNS load balancing with health checks

In the end there ARE solutions for this. This is essentially what a GSLB provides, there are lots of commercial ones. If you want to do it with certain simplicity and open source, you can use PowerDNS ...
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Kemp Load Balancer with SSL Acceleration - SSL on servers, too?

It sounds like you don't need SSL Termination on the Kemp Load balancers. If you have 3 servers in the cluster and they terminate their own SSL Connections that is by far the fastest and most secure ...
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Load Balance two servers with a Flask app with CertBot certificate and a Domain Name

To address the issue you mentioned with SSL certificates and load balancing, there is a viable solution. You can transfer the SSL certificate created on ServerA to ServerB using the Secure Copy ...
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DNS Configuration for Azure Load Balancer with Public IP

you can do it with Azure DNS with just an A record as described here It really depends on your scenario but some things ...
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HAproxy with Keepalived not behaving as expected

How do i make my haproxy listen on my public ip? The simplest solution is to not bind it explicitly to a particular ip address. Instead of this: frontend main bind private_ip1:80 ...
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