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How do I block access to LAN through OpenVPN?

I solved the problem by: inserting in the server.conf file the statement client-config-dir ccd then in /etc/openvpn/ccd I added a file named, e.g., client1 containing the statement ifconfig-push 10.8....
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How to use a port that is labeled RS232

Comments above are answers... RS232 is a serial communication port, likely a serial console. In Microsoft world this type of interface is usually called "COM port". Don't get misguided by ...
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Unicast-mode network load balancing on Hyper-V virtual servers

I'm not completely following your question, but I will tell you that if you want to use NLB then you have to enable MAC address spoofing on the NLB NIC on each VM. See below.
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4 PCs in the LAN (with internet access) + 1 VM PC in the same LAN and internet access

Try out this: Switch to Hyper-V Manager. In the right side Virtual Switch Manager, try to create a New virtual network switch. So click External and Create Virtual Switch. Name it, select the real ...
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