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This will copy new lines added to server1.txt to server1_copy.txt in real time. Get-Content -Path 'server1.txt' -Tail 0 -Wait | ForEach-Object { Add-Content -Value $_ -Path 'server1_copy.txt' } If you need to bring the files in sync before running the above or that real time is simply unnecessary, a file copy can be done with the Copy-Item cmdlet Copy-Item ...


You can see the ping submissions by installing an application on your server or with the existing feature. If you want to see who is sending ping; # sudo tcpdump -i [ethXY] icmp and icmp [icmptype] = icmp-echo for ethXY -> sudo ifconfig If you want to see log records, you have to install iptables-persistent application first. Then you can look at the ...


If you're like me on a shared hosting platform, without access to IIS manager, you can also edit the web.config file and manually add to the system.webServer element: <httpErrors errorMode="Detailed" /> Afterwards I used my host control panel to recycle application pool.

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