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How apache2 logging work for multiple instances

The answer is that Apache2 is, obviously, programmed to support any number of child processes or threads and they all have the ability, at any time, to write to some log file. For that purpose, ...
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How to enable MySQL logging?

welcome back to the StackExchange! Beyond clustering architectures, data protection also includes disk mirroring, snapshots, and redundant networks. While the tools available to system administrators ...
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How to read and decode fio --bandwidth-log?

According to fio(1), section LOG FILE FORMATS (latest version also available online): Fio supports a variety of log file formats, for logging latencies, bandwidth, and IOPS. The logs share a common ...
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Splunk Universal Forwarder on Windows : how many logs to forward?

This is a good question, but it's unanswerable in any practical way without knowing your use cases As @Greg Askew commented, there is no "best practice" - it's whatever you: want to collect,...
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How to calculate log per second?

In logql you simply query your logs with count_over_time({label="labelValue"} [1s]) That will give you the count of logs selected per 1s interval. -- I love seeing our project being used in ...
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I can't find my Cloud Armour logs despite enabling them 15 mins ago. Is that kind of delay normal?

So we got logging enabled by adding the following to our load_balancer/ Terraform file, under resource... log_config { enable = true } Note we only did this for one of our dev ...
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Windows firewall logging. Log file is always blank

I addition to what has been said by others, after you ensure log location in firewall UI is pointing to correct location then in the following order: Make sure log files are generated in specified ...
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journalctl --list-boots is not listing all boots

Plausibly causes of this are broken journal log files. I fixed this issue on my PC (Debian) with the following steps: tried journalctl --verify it should point out that some journal files are damaged ...
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Where to find logs from Postgres 11.1 on FreeBSD 11.2?

@taro's answer is the right approach, but unfortunately adding a filter for local0.* /var/log/postgresql.log will redirect all syslog local0-directed messages to /var/log/postgresql.log, including ...

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