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How do I find out the W3SVC number of a given IIS7.5 website?

Based on Robert Brookers answer I created the following powershell script to get a list of all sites logging folders: # Import the WebAdministration module Import-Module WebAdministration # Get all ...
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How can I monitor journald to invoke a program on a condition?

I assume you want to do this for multiple servers, because serverfault is about managing servers in a business environment. It might be a overkill for you, but I would recommend taking a look at log ...
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Windows Event Collector (WEF) Event Viewer unresponsive

According to MS Documentation this is because of the huge amount of registry keys for every single subscription. (Every Host is a unique key for every subscription) For each unique device that ...
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How to enable MySQL logging?

edit my.conf general_log=1 log_error=/var/logs/mysql/error.log general_log_file=/var/logs/mysql/mysql.log
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