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Share data via QEMU and NFS with Mac host (OSX Catalina) and Linux Guest (Ubuntu 20.04)

You do not need to hostfwd 111, just 2049, or alternatively you can use a map from 8049 to 2049; as 2049 might be occupied on the macOS system. So at minimum, you will need to have QEMU create a ...
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AWS Client VPN (OpenVPN) Mac user can connect but loses internet access; works on Win10

Check your dns requests. The user without internet should have access to ping googles nameservers for example ( but resolving the dns name should fail (dig If this is ...
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ssh_config Bad Configuration Option Error

According to the error message the problem is in line 2. Line 2 starts with 2022/07/.... It is missing the # character to mark it as a comment.
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AWS VPN Client Failed to Work

I just spent about 25 hours trying to debug this, basically in tears. Finally pieced it together so I'm posting the solution here You have to run sudo launchctl enable system/com.amazonaws.acvc.helper ...
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