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Internal Server Error on Nextcloud instance migration from Debian 12 to Rocky Linux 9 server

Fixed the issue by completely uninstalling php and all modules from the EPEL repo, then installing PHP 8.3 and needed modules from the REMI repo. Now the web interface is up and running.
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MariaDB Replication on selected columns

If this is still being built then the easiest way to solve the problem would be to split the data into separate databases. MyQL replication operates at the database level. But do be aware that async ...
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Monit and MySQL/MariaDB Checksum

A restart/reload of monit should rebuild the used checksum (see also Monit complains of checksum failure after MariaDB reinstall and upgrade to newer version).
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MariaDB using more memory than expected

Out Of Memory Suggestion to consider for relief. Create 10G SWAP Space. It would be better to run slow for a few seconds than deal with OOM. Rate Per Second = RPS Suggestions to consider for your my....
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Cannot connect to MariaDB through an OpenVPN tunnel

There are three things at play: You have strict source restriction for 3306 to the range You have a VPN and VPNs sometimes insert masquerade rules into iptables automatically. This ...
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MariaDB using more memory than expected

Analysis of GLOBAL STATUS and VARIABLES: Observations: Version: 10.6.16-MariaDB-log 16 GB of RAM Uptime = 5d 22:22:23 904 Queries/sec : 761 Questions/sec The More Important Issues: Why is SHOW ...
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MariaDB taking ages to restore backup

You could check the logs for lines like Could not increase number of max_open_files Please check your settings for LimitNOFILE and LimitMEMLOCK in Your /usr/lib/systemd/system/mysqld.service. After ...
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Tyring to access MariaDB running in a docker container on a remote machine

I would suggest to use network_mode host in your docker-compose. Because by default docker creates a seperate network which is very difficult to tunnel to. services: db: image: ...
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