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What are the practical differences between Maildir and Mbox?

To address the specific questions: Is one storage format more scalable than the other? mbox tends to become difficult to manage the bigger it gets. Since it stores everything in one big blob, it ...
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How to upload an mbox file to an IMAP server

It is a two-step procedure: Import the mbox file into a local email folder Then move (or copy) the newly imported emails to the imap folder In my case I used Mozilla Thunderbird with the already ...
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Dovecot migration from mbox to mdbox

The problem was that dovecot-lda does not do userdb lookups, and my overridden mail_location was not in effect. Mentioned in the docs, and the answer is to add -d "$USER" to the parameters. In ...
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Problems importing mbox files to Dovecot sdbox with doveadm

You need to include a trailing slash on the mbox file: doveadm -D import -u [email protected] mbox:/path/to/mbox/ Sent all That said, I didn't have much luck with doveadm import. It ignored mbox names ...
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Migrate Dovecot 0.99 to Dovecot 2.x and preserve POP UIDs

OK I figured out how to do this. Here's the answer, for anyone who may find it helpful. This is a high-level overview. Let me know if you have questions about the details of any particular step. ...
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What are the practical differences between Maildir and Mbox?

The main disadvantage I have run into with the maildir format is file store space used. Depending on the filesystem, each file is allocated space by blocks with a fixed number bytes per block. ...
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