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sharing the memory of a program between ec2 instances

Is it possible to combine the memory of ec2 instances? For example, let's say that I ran a program that requires 2gb ram to run on one ec2 with 1gb ram instance No can I somehow share that program's ...
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MariaDB - Contiunes to use more memory

Possible causes of memory utilization, We usually see balanced counts on com_perpare_sql, com_execute_sql and com_dealloc_sql. In your show global status com_dealloc_sql (close) was missed 151,033 ...
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How much physical RAM is "lost" to BIOS/UEFI?

Those type of losses are rarely due to the machine or BIOS actually using actually RAM, but rather, allocating some of the address space for purposes other than RAM. For example, before having over 2 ...
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Meaning of the buffers/cache line in the output of free

The accepted answer and even more Flimm's are very clear but are missing one detail, presumably because most people do not use a lot of shared memory. As I do not have enough rep to comment, I am ...
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Difficulties testing memory on HP Proliant DL380 gen8 dual CPU

For those wondering, while memtest86+ (the open source version at, not the commercial variant) seemed to be abandoned for years, it has been recently updated to v6.00 and works with ...
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