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I'm asked to install KB4461614 (MS Office 32 bit) even though my computer is 64bit, why is that?

Even though you may not have installed Office you may have installed another application that used a part of Office in their product. Windows is seeing that you have something installed that needs an ...
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OmniOS/ZFS/Windows 7: "Save as" from within applications lags 5 seconds for all file sizes over CIFS/SMB

Solution: The problem only affects OmniOS r151018, not previous versions. This thread on the omnios-discuss mailing list was exactly about my problem, quote from Geoff: I saw a similar thread with ...
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Windows Terminal Server printer selection dialog delayed in Microsoft Office

This is an recurring issue when using horribly written print drivers. In this situation there was two suspects (which both are guilty); HP Universal Print Drivers and Konica Minolta Universal Driver. ...
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