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Applications or appliances that observe machines, systems and networks to find problems and notify administrators.

Monitoring systems Observe...

  • Network Infrastucture (1),(2)
  • Machines, (servers, desktops, IoT)
  • Services (1),(2),(3), (4), (5), (6), (7)
  • Applications (1),(2)
  • Database
    • (Can be used to notify business users of events in the business based on the value of an SQL query)
  • Filesystems (1),(2)
  • Antivirus

...through either an agent installed on the target machine, or through a scan.

These agents or scans can reveal problems with the things they observe.

When such a problem is found, an administrator can be notified, enabling administrators to intervene and solve these problems quickly.

Examples of Monitoring Software Include:

  • Scanning
    • Spiceworks
  • Agent Based
    • Kasya
  • Alerts
    • Naginos
    • ABRA Alerts
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