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Ansible - community.mysql python module errors

You need to install one of the required modules on the target machine, where the action is executed. Quote from the documentation (highlight by me): Requires the mysql and mysqldump binaries on the ...
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Dovecot dict: Can't open configuration file, Permission denied

chown -R root:mail /etc/dovecot/
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Mysql filling all the buff/cache memory

The OS buffer/cache is what is being used. You can clear it with this command: echo "echo 3 > /proc/sys/vm/drop_caches" | sudo sh
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Slow MySQL inserts on one specific machine - what might be wrong with it?

It can be due to different fsync behavior on the two different machines. You can try to relax data persistence constrains to see if the slow machines suddenly become fast. If so, your issue is related ...
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MySQL Update Statement taking long time to update small table with 4 rows

50 seconds sounds like lock_wait_timeout. This would imply that another connection has the row locked and is taking a long time. Perhaps a mysqldump is running? Or some big transaction? Also, this ...
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yum install mysql-devel causing openssl11-devel conflicts with 1:openssl-devel-1.0.2k-24.amzn2.0.10.x86_64

You can resolve the conflict by removing openssl-devel package by following command. yum remove {package name} Or you can use --skip-broken in the end of command, it will skip the conflicted package. ...
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Mysql Export current configuration to a file

A summary of my.cnf In order to configure my own mysql-client programmatically, I was interested in the settings that mysql (rather than mysqld) was reading from the various my.cnf files. First, I ...
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Unable to login to my mySql server as root, and unable to reset root password

FOR AWS Linux systemctl stop mysqld systemctl set-environment MYSQLD_OPTS=--skip-grant-tables systemctl start mysqld mysql mysql> UPDATE mysql.user SET authentication_string = PASSWORD ('...
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