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iptables rules - Forward/Masquerade sevices using nat table

I was able to achieve my goal with the following rules: # ... # Allow 'admin' connection to 'jumpbox' SSH (on 2222 port) iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -s -d ...
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Cannot access website in LAN. NAT Hairpinning in nftables

To do NAT Hairpinning in nftables you can add a DNAT rule which is checking if the destination address of the packages is the external ip of your network. You also need to do masquerading on the ...
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INPUT, OUTPUT or Forward Chain

input: internet -> router <- my_comp 
output: internet <- router -> my_comp

 forward: internet <- router <- my_comp
 internet -> router -> my_comp
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Google Cloud Engine - Network unreachable (with NAT)

As per the information provided, it is observed that the Compute Engine instance is in us-central1-c zone whereas Cloud NAT Gateway and Cloud Router are in northamerica-northeast1 region. It clearly ...
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