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Are VLan's used to split my switch into segments?

VLANs are a technology used to sub-divide physical switches into smaller logically-isolated layer 2 broadcast domains, and also to enable one switch to inform other connected switches which VLANs each ...
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Connect AWS route53 domain name with K8s LoadBalancer Service

There are five distinct pieces of infrastructure automation potentially at play: ip to node assignment dns name to ip mapping load balancing to member mapping kubernetes service ip to pod member ...
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What's the purpose of local storage hdd in Blade servers with virtualization?

SD card OS installation for virtualization hypervisor hosts is common, but at scale, it's less reliable than using simple RAID 1 on regular disks or SSD. See: What happens when the USB key or SD card ...
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Do you trust LACP?

To tell the true, LACP was born exactly to solve a dangerous problem itself caused by LAG (Link aggregation Group). When used between directly attached interface, LAG is not dangerous. In such a ...
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What's the purpose of local storage hdd in Blade servers with virtualization?

Obvious: OS and booting. Having local boot drives can make sense. I also prefer the virtualization layer to not be dependent on an external storage. It is so common that for example SuperMicro has ...
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Potential traffic issues on one big(ger) subnet

There are a lot of "it depends" that go with this question. Security Broadcast storms, floods and the ilk are certainly a concern if you are using consumer network gear. A majority of enterprise ...
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How to use another IP-address for outgoing traffic?

Most networking related tools like ping will have an option to select the source IP they will use for outgoing connections, so for example with ping you can use ping -I IP-B. For all traffic to use ...
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load balancer installing on database server virtual machine

It is not wise to install the LB on the same VM as the database for a few reasons: Network plumbing - LB's are traditionally application proxies and designed to be the public interface to an ...
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VLAN/Subnet Design

The 8 VLAN interface restriction on the v1910 is for routing purposes. If you have something else do your routing, then you can create as many VLANs as you need. I would probably look at putting a ...
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DNS External Resolvers Needed?

External Resolvers One perspective on having the external resolvers would be to put the External servers in the DMZ. Typically, any internet accessible server should be separated off from the rest of ...
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Do you trust LACP?

Yes, I trust LACP. I prefer LACP over all other link aggregation methods because it's so reliable, flexible, and is an IEEE standard so vendor interop is guaranteed. If you think your virtual ...
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What's the purpose of local storage hdd in Blade servers with virtualization?

I see following reasons to use local HDDs: (I am going with) Windows Server (I need some) redundancy (RAID 1) (and) performance (in case of RAID 1 SSD, boot is faster than SATADOM or Flash)
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Can one device simultaneously be a reverse proxy, load balancer, and firewall?

Yes. Nearly every full-featured firewall on the market has at least basic load balancer and reverse proxy features. And many full-featured load balancers have firewall features in them so that a ...
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How to learn network administration

If you are thinking about physical network admin experience then you need to start playing with switches, hubs, patching etc. You can buy cheap hardware and setup something at home. Otherwise learning ...
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What's the purpose of local storage hdd in Blade servers with virtualization?

Installing the hypervisor on local storage such as you have (small drives configured in RAID 1) was and still is a very common practice. In short, nothing to see here.
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load balancer installing on database server virtual machine

It is not good idea at all. You can find reasons in previous posts, I will just add problem of scaling and failover. I think you should rethink about your architecture with SPOF in mind and set it ...
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Should Cat6 cables be used for servers ('important hosts') rather than Cat5-E?

Well, here's what I would do: Are there already Cat5e cables running from all the servers to switches / patch panels? If yes: Are you having any physical layer connectivity issues? (i.e., frame ...
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