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transfer file from Unix to a writeable Windows share, if I don't have direct login rights to the latter

This ultimately was the winning path File: /etc/samba/smb.conf Entries: client min protocol = SMB2 min protocol = SMB2 Call: smbclient -U $username '//$servername/$share' -D "$directory" -c ...
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Samba server - single user connection limit

Yes, you can with a bit of tricky way. You should add preexec script to check if this users is already connected: [myshare] ... preexec script = /sbin/ preexec close = ...
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Windows folder share permissions

Double check your permission. Windows stick the the more restrictive's one, always. Thus in your case if the user can write, he got no DENY for him. If you added a group with a deny permission dont ...
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