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The belief among some of the technical staff is that this is too much - it would enable a user to give control of their folder to another user. What is their specific concern about a user doing that with their own files? If you're comfortable with giving the users Full Control of their own files and folders then I don't personally see a problem with it. ...


Assuming you have a linux login user account bill, you have installed samba. If you are running SELinux then there are a number of other commands you will need to execute. Also, make sure you are not sharing smb to the world, your router or firewall should block port 137, 139, 445. # Block the outside world from your server's smb shares # assuming your ...


You could, of course, remove your connection by doing net use \\somemachine\someshare /d But you probably want to re-connect eventually too. Furthermore, if you have cached credentials to the network share, then when you re-establish the connection you may find yourself fighting one of these errors: System error 1272 has occurred. You can't access ...


I think this will work Local Group policy editor > Computer Configuration > Administrative templates > Network > Lanman Workstation > Enable insecure guest logons enable it

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