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Disable ipv4 with /etc/sysctl.conf | GNU/LINUX Debian 11

You can't disable IPv4 in the sysctl.conf. You have two options: you can drop the IP-address so that no external traffic can reach your device (might as well just block everything with ufw?). But this ...
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Limit bandwidth for incoming packets to specific ip and port

You can indeed use tc to shape your incoming bandwidth on this ip-port tuple. To shape the incoming packets, you need an ifb virtual interface so you can apply egress filters on it. Then you create ...
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Network is gone when I start arp spoofing

The machines use the router to get to internet. So if you spoof the router's address, and don't also pretend to be a router, you lose connectivity. Turning on port forwarding isn't enough, because ...
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AWS Elastic Beanstalk random spike in NetworkIn traffic once to twice a day

For the NetworkIn traffic: I've just been looking for a similar answer and i've discovered that elastic beanstalk does count the initial installing of the application on an ec2 instance in it's ...

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