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Better to mount the individual sub-directories. When using soft links, an extra "lookup" is required every time a file in that structure is referenced. So, there is some performance impact. Plus... there's simply no need for the extra layer. It's just adding more administrative work for you to keep track of it all.


This is speculation on what might be causing it. I don't know NFS internal operations well enough to accurately describe issues, but I'm giving out educated guesses. This could be a file locking / synchronisation issue. PHP process might read an incomplete PHP file from the NFS server during the upload, triggering the error. NFS client doesn't realise that ...


You'll need multiple RAID controllers to make that happen. Look at the IOPS load on your current server, and figure out how much IOPS you actually need, then work with your vendor to get servers that can handle the IO load. But, if you're running at 9000 Mbps sustained your NICs are the bottleneck. If your application can handle it, I'd suggest moving to NIC ...

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