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nftables: Possible to block SYN packets with payload?

What about dropping by tcp option? For example to drop outbound TCP SYN with TCP Fast Open Cookie: iptables -t filter -A OUTPUT -p tcp --syn --tcp-option 34 -j DROP (which AFAICT effectively forces ...
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Routing fwmark to VPN gateway using nftables mark

I've learned a LOT from this question, but since nftables configuration is not "a piece of cake" to everyone, I want to share my own config, I'll try to share as detailed as I can so someone ...
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Applying nftables rules to macvtap interfaces

The MACVTAP interface, a variation of MACVLAN for VMs hijacks frames sent to the host interface which have the VM's NIC's Ethernet MAC address as destination. Likewise, frames sent by the VM are ...
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