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ZFS - is it safe to remove files served by ZFS during a resilver/rebuild?

Any userland storage operations are fine to perform, but they do effectively halt the resilvering while they're being performed. ZFS prioritizes normal operations (using the file system) over ...
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zfs backup script cannot receive destination zpool is renamed

Your script does not show the rename or destroy operations and we don't know the source and destination snapshots, so this answer is generic advice which you can apply to your situation: Potential ...
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Tuning NFS client/server stack

Since I came here and also solved my weak nfs performance but other way around I want to share some details. Maybe someone else will find it also beneficial. This is not meant for productive setup ...
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ZFS: Mirror vs. RAID-Z

The main performance difference between mirrors and RAIDZ1/2 [1] is not the expected CPU usage (which we have plenty these days), but the fact that ZFS random IOPS depends on the total number of vdevs ...
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