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TLS 1.0 broken with newer Debian/OpenSSL

I knew this was possible, and likely a configuration snafu... indeed, that's what it was. Setting the SECLEVEL to 0 is indeed necessary, but I had this in multiple places, and hadn't updated it in all ...
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OpenSSL 3.0 generating p12 certificate issue with FIPS

before using legacy flag for openssl 3 you need to enable legacy support in openssl.cnf
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AWX error X509 using custom EE image with pyopenssl

Finally it was my mistake... After re-creating the EE image, clean my repository and push it again, it works (every requirements is up-to-date) I think I push/pull the wrong image while testing.....
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Have you got a worked example of using Postgres through ODBC with openssl and the Progress DataDirect Linux driver?

I put the following in ~/odbc.ini [ODBC Data Sources] POSTGRES=DataDirect ODBC Postgres Wire Protocol ;# POSTGRES stanza [ACEDB] DRIVER=/home/tjcw/ODBC/drivers/lib/ Description=IBM ...
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Cannot restart apache2 on Debian server - "Cannot load /usr/local/apache2/modules/ into server"

I had your problem in FreeBSD. version of your libidn isn't camptiable with your PHP. You need to apt-get update, Then remove your php modules ,php itself and remove mod_php, Then install php, mod_php ...
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How do I view the details of a digital certificate .cer file?

For completeness, if you have Sun/Oracle/OpenJDK Java (or get and install it) you can use keytool -printcert -v -file {filename} # works for either PEM or DER, you don't need to specify # but _very_ ...
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SSL Certificate loading error in postgresql.conf file during restart

csr is generally a signing request. This is sent to the CA, and signed. This gives you a certificate. You almost certainly want to use the certificate, e.g. server.crt, not server.csr. The signing ...
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self signed certificate for a site that can only be access through VPN

Do we need to import the certificate on each machines browsers? Essentially correct, yes. This can be done with a management system, such as Active Directory. Or is there any other way to do this? ...
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Identify SSL certificate type for apache configuration

The mod_ssl documentation of each parameter tells what is expected, which more or less answers your question. Private key SSLCertificateKeyFile Directive Description: Server PEM-encoded private key ...
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