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OpenStack is a collection of open source projects that enables an open, scalable cloud infrastructure. The core of OpenStack is meant to provide consistent APIs and interfaces to a variety of potential back-ends.

OpenStack is an open-source platform for building infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) clouds. It is implemented including several components, most notable being:

  • a Compute service (codenamed Nova) that has functionality similar to EC2 AWS (and implements an EC2-compatible API, as well as a separate OpenStack API)
  • an Object Storage service (codenamed Swift) that has functionality similar to EC2 S3.
  • An Image service (codenamed Glance) that manages virtual machine images used by the Compute service
  • An Identity service (codenamed Keystone) that manages user names and groups (known as tenants) across the OpenStack projects
  • A Dashboard service (codenamed Horizon) that provides a web interface.
  • A Network service (codenamed Neutron) that provides a set of components for makings SDN networking between VM's inside a project.

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