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How to configure Untangle OpenVPN client to connect to a n ordinary (non-Untangle) OpenVPN server?

did you figure it out? I am in the same boat and want to connect from untangle (client) to sophos utm (server). thanks
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Cannot bind program to OpenVPN interface to use VPN

Through persistence and stubbornness I have solved my problem, by constantly making changes until something worked. My issue was routing, the interface was not routed properly to allow me to utilize ...
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How do I replace the main network interface with a bridge on GCP?

resource "google_compute_instance" "test-bridge" { name = "test-bridge" machine_type = "e2-micro" zone = "europe-central2-a" boot_disk { ...
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What is the meaning of "~." in vpn dns settings Domains= …. The "routing-only" domain "~." (the tilde indicating definition of a routing domain, the dot referring to ...
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Openvpn on fedora40 raises error on systemd process but works well in regular command prompt

The process runs with different SELinux security contexts. Run ls -lZ on your config file to see what the . in its file permissions actually means. You might need to run restorecon on the config file ...
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google-autenticator openvpn not working pam?

Can you try this # enable multi-factor authentication with google authenticator reneg-sec 0 plugin "openvpn login USERNAME password PASSWORD 'verification code' OTP&...
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