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Network port open, but no process attached?

I was able to track down the process by getting its inode via netstat and then using that inode with lsof. See my more detailed answer in
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Where to get

Running the following fixed this issue for me on RHEL6. yum install rrdtool-perl
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check_snmp warning & critical thresholds with negative values

I used this -w~:0.5 -c 0.5. Using ~:0.5 allows negative values. I got this from website:
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How to solve the requested URL /rest was not found on this server while running Opsview's REST API?

It does not mention this in the documentation but REST API should always point at the actual web port of Opsview. Changing localhost by adding Opsview's default web port to localhost:3000 in /usr/...
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