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After much search for similar/same issue I can say that there seems to be no solution to actually make $Mft smaller from inside Windows) NTFS can reuse $Mft space, but not make it smaller once it has grown in size. One thing I have not had the chance of testing yet is to use ntfsresize from Linux to try and minimize volume, and then extend it again.


Michael Hampton and Stuka are right: use fio for benchmarking. Example: sudo fio --filename=/dev/md0 --direct=1 --rw=read --bs=64k --ioengine=libaio --iodepth=64 --runtime=120 --numjobs=4 --time_based --group_reporting --name=seq_read


a common issue i have is, that the server is Reachable by IPv4 and IPv6 and due the fact that IPv6 will be prefered even if its unsupported to the internet of the LAN, it tries to connect. On Putty you can solve this, that you use instead AUTO, prefer ipv4 as default this behaviour seems a windows issue mostly, but found also on some linux boxes also


for future visitors, i had miniconda on my machine and its .bashrc entry was the one causing my delayed shell prompt. i no longed needed the conda so removed its entry from .bashrc that looked kike this # >>> conda initialize >>> # !! Contents within this block are managed by 'conda init' !! __conda_setup="$('/home/<YOUR_USER>/...


I understand this comes with the risk of data loss if the drive fails or power cuts out. This is acceptable as I retain the files on the source machine long enough to retransfer in case of near term data loss If you can tolerate the loss of up to 5 seconds of writes, you can simply configure ZFS to ignore sync requests with the command zfs set sync=disabled ...


Synchronous writing mode ensures that the writes end up in a persistent location immediately. With asynchronous writes, data is cached in RAM and the write call finishes right away. The filesystem will schedule the actual writes to final location (hard disk). In ZFS case, the point of ZIL / SLOG is to act as a fast interim persistent storage, that allows ...


While not a comment about security, Pat Reagan explains his choice to use RAID 10 with 2 disks was guided by his expectation to grow the array in the future, as growing a RAID 10 is much simpler than later converting a RAID 1 to a RAID 10 or 6. Also worth noting is that mdadm v3.3+ allows you to grow a RAID 10, where earlier versions do not. A comment in ...


In this case, we truly did have a disk issue and it wasn't an issue internal to SQL Server, for this particular VM. It actually ended up being a bug case that we ran into with Veeam and VMWare. To summarize my understanding of what happened, apparently our Veeam backups weren't being acknowledged as completed by VMWare. So every day when it was time to ...


Make sure you tell AWS that you're doing this! also, you should review the following and make sure you don't upset the Bezos Bit Barn. It would be unfortunate if you were deplatformed for running a test. ab is great for some testing however there are other good tools out there that you can also use. SmartBear's LoadNinja ...

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