Same issue. It seems /home/influxdb folder is needed with the right permissions. Following worked for me sudo mkdir /home/influxdb sudo chown -R influxdb:influxdb /home/influxdb Alternatively modifying the useradd command to following might also work (I haven't tried it) and this would be a cleaner fix: sudo useradd -d /home/influxdb -rs /bin/false influxdb


I wasn't sure about this question until yesterday when I ran into a similar issue and traced it to SELinux. InfluxDB does not have an SELinux policy, neither shipped by Red Hat nor included with InfluxDB itself. Such services run under a generic policy which, among other things, prohibits the service to access /home as system services are expected to place ...


If you are using a cloud storage device, like WD Cloud, instead of a domain related server, all you have to do is make sure to match the SAME username AND password on both systems. That is, create a LOCAL user, like "BackupUser" with a password, set that as the login user for the Cobian service, then go to the cloud device and configure the SAME ...

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