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If ntpd is exiting regularly, it means that it's having problems keeping your clock in sync. You probably want to be notified if this happens, so getting your process monitor to send an email or alert whenever it restarts ntpd might be a good idea. However, if you have an extremely poor quality local clock, this might happen a lot, so combining the -g flag ...


For anybody who stumbles on a similar issue. The problem is in this line: /home/ubuntu/.pm2/logs/* { In particular, the catch-all * should be swapped with *.log, or else, the rotated files (with extension .1, etc.) shall also be rotated upon the next rotation cycle. This fixes the issue: /home/ubuntu/.pm2/logs/*.log {


When you are requesting, the following events happen: Browser queries DNS information for It receives receives CNAME response, and proceeds to look up A record. It connects to IP address for It requests domain from your nginx server. Your ...


With EC2 you don’t have to make it right from the start because it’s easy to change the instance size later. For start make a guess - e.g. new project may be ok with t3.small, moderately busy site may do for example with m5.large, etc. Once it’s up and running monitor the CPU and memory utilisation in CloudWatch and if the chosen instance type was too big ...


Try to add proxy_set_header X-Forwarded-Proto $scheme; inside location block


According to TFM, you need to add a key entry.

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