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Redirect web server port behind VPN

You can't do that. If they don't forward port 80 to you, you can't get traffic on port 80. Thus people will have to include the port number. And no, really. There is nothing you can do to change that.
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forwarding 443 to two servers using single external IP?

This could be done if you accept that the domain names have to be different for each purpose. Like and IN which case you could put a proxy on 443 like HAProxy or ...
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forwarding 443 to two servers using single external IP?

My ask is can i forward 443 to my NAS IP also? Short answer: No. A specific port can only be forwarded to a single host. You can work around this limitation by using an alternative HTTP port for the ...
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How to forward traffic through Linux box except requests to the box itself?

The FORWARD chain is only called for traffic that was forwarded, IE - the local machine is not its destination, so your rule doesn't have any effect on this kind of traffic, the place you should be ...
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Connect to a postgres running internally within a cluster through a kubernetes pod

Create a Pod that acts as a proxy to the internal Postgres service; then you can kubectl port-forward to that Pod to get access to Postgres from your laptop. We can set up a simple proxy like this: ...
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Is it possible to forward with UFW from a machine connected to ZeroTier VPN and situated on the LAN towards another machine on the LAN?

So, after two days of banging my head on the wall I managed to solve my issue. Somehow, ip forwarding wasn't enabled on my Linux VM, even if I remember editing the /etc/sysctl.conf. After enabling it ...
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