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Cannot upgrade postgresql 9.4 -> 9.5beta2 after postgis 2.1.6 -> 2.2.0 upgrade

I managed to solve my problem by following these steps: Download the source to 2.1.6 and apply the patch found here Postgis 2.1.6 will now compile with Postgresql 9.5beta2. Compile and install. ...
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CREATE EXTENSION postgis fails with /usr/lib/ undefined symbol: sqlite3_column_table

OK, finally solved the problem. Root cause Postgres did not have access to Debugging Error refers to having problems and is linked against sqlite3, so checked the ...
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Upgrade PostgreSQL 9.5 to 9.6 with PostGIS - pg_upgrade

The problem is that the postgis extension version in the old cluster is not the same as the library version in the new one. So when it tries to migrate the database, it can't find the older version of ...
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Upgrading Fedora Server to 37, Postgres' upgrade didn't work: ERROR: could not access file "$libdir/postgis-3"

PostGIS is an extension which is installed as package. You have to install the package that suits both your postgresql major version and postgis extension version. Such as; postgis32_15 or ...
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Trying to install postgis on Centos 6.9 and missing dependency

Additional packages from ​EPEL 6 (Extra Packages for Enterprise Linux) are required to fulfill requirements for GDAL. (so enable epel) However, instead solving this installation challenge on a CentOS ...
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Can't compile GDAL 3.2 on CentOS/RedHat 8

You need to install the package pgdg-srpm-macros from the PGDG repository to provide their custom RPM macros.
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postgis installation on linux

According to the following link you could be missing the shared object if you had previously uninstalled an older version of PostGIS after having already installed the newer version: https://github....
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PostGIS on Fedora27

dnf install postgis (and possibly postgis-utils) should do it. If it's not, something else is going on. Are you able to install other software? What repo was it unable to find, and what exact error ...
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How to install Postgis with Osm2pgsql on NixOS

osm2pgsql is not yet packaged in nix, so a first step would be to package it. As far as I see you use osm2pgsql tool as a command line utility. Adding it to environment.systemPackages should make it ...
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Install postgis on ubuntu 12.04.4 LTS

This is because of Postgis version. This command installs old version of Postgis. sudo apt-get install postgresql-9.1-postgis Install Postgis version 2 from source and try. Here is official ...
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