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Many segfaults, RAM failing?

Virtual memory does not work like that. Each process has their own address space for all their stuff including instruction pointer (ip) and stack pointer (sp). Much more likely this is a memory ...
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Proxmox container can't reach internet

You may have to set your container to use DHCP, so that it gets a proper IP address.
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proxmox image import creates an 50GB disk regardless of image size

I have found a workaround pretty fast. You can set the ZFS subvolume size by running something like: zfs set volsize=1GiB rpool/data/vm-101-disk-0 Be careful! If you set a size smaller than the ...
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Should I use proxmox for this use case?

Your justification for using Proxmox here appears to be so that you can use keepalived (although I'm not sure exactly what for). That seems like massive overkill. There are other reasons that might ...
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