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How can I enable 2D/3D Acceleration with QEMU?

I've just got this issue myself and found that "Enable Acceleration" was enabled in the "Advanced Options" tab under "Video". I also noticed that the server running the ...
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Copy and paste from a QEMU VM with VNC graphics?

This is not currently possible because the VNC server built into Qemu needs to convert the clipboard contents to keystrokes, and emulate pressing them on the machine. You can ask someone to add this ...
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Create iPXE UEFI bootable image for QEMU/Libvirt with custom next-server and filename

Other answers have indicated how to approach this with IPXE, however, given the fact that you are able to get to a grub shell, another answer may be to build a grub bootloader with a preconfigured ...
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How to properly make a backup of a virtual machine using QEMU only

QEMU Machine Protocol primitives for one way to do a qemu backup are documented as Dirty Bitmaps and Incremental Backup. block-dirty-bitmap-add and such. As that page suggests, "The intended ...
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How to use more then 2GB of ram when using running a nested BIOS VM using KVM

Yes, there is a limitation when using nested virtualization with BIOS mode. The issue you're experiencing is likely due to the fact that the BIOS firmware in the virtual machine is not capable of ...
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libvirt/qemu VM freezes when migrating between specific hosts

I experienced the same problem after migrating my KVM hosts to Ubuntu 22.04. Solution The Solution in my case was an upgrade to the hwe-22.04 kernel (at the time of writing: 5.19.0-32-generic). Since ...
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Three virtio-blk devices crashing Windows 10 VM

Tried everything that came to my mind and gave up. This is the workaround that I will be using: qemu-system-x86_64 \ ... -device virtio-blk-pci,drive=c,bus=pci.1,write-cache=on,bootindex=0 \ -device ...
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