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What to set $DISPLAY environment variable to when su to another user

You need to configure X11 authentication MIT-MAGIC-COOKIE. You can use xauth to configure it: xauth list $DISPLAY # To list X11 cookies sudo -iu oracle # Import the cookies one by one xauth add laptop....
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AH02565: Certificate and private key from <cert> and <private key> do not match

For whatever reason, it works after I rename the cert and key and move them both to another directory up one level. I'm not sure why since the file contents, owner of the file, and file permissions ...
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Oracle Linux 8 to 9 in place upgrade with Leapp fails with XFS internal log size 8192 too large, must be less than 4789

Check if you have sufficient disk space in /boot/. The partition must have at least 250 MB of disk space to accommodate the installation.
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http_code 0 with Redhat php curl request

setsebool -P httpd_can_network_connect on This worked. It opened up permissions for PHP. The full answer is here:
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sed + delete all comment lines and when line match specific word

The syntax you search for is: sed '/data/d ; /^[[:blank:]]*#/d' /etc/fstab The semicolon separate two commands. If you want to have logical AND between two conditions you can use awk command (have no ...
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NGINX reverse proxy not working as expected

I've used a similar configuration but with a specifically configured isolated bridge network; AND nginx as a docker container. Then you don't need https in an isolated bridge network - as it's all ...
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ProFTPd : SFTP "get" command is denied (when "put" works ok)

The RETR (and READ also) command have to be added in the "/" section, not only in the "/ou" section. So with correction it looks like this : # Directory limits <Global> &...
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