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Can't connect to the Remote Desktop Gateway server

Awesome. I had one client with issues and couldn't figure out the solution. Tried AV, updates, etc. create a DWORD-32 key RDGClientTransport with value 1 at HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\...
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Resetting an expired password on Windows RDS session

If you use Network Level Authentication in conjunction with RDP (which you should because it's the more secure option,) then you cannot connect if your password is expired. This means that you cannot ...
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Remote Desktop Gateway server is temporarily unavailable after updating SSL Certificate

After reading much documentation found out what I had done wrong. I had broken everything by manually adding the new Cert to IIS myself on the RDWeb server. No idea why this broke everything. The ...
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Powershell: install RDS Terminal Server Gateway SSL Certificate

You need to ensure the TSGateway service is stopped before you set the thumbprint. So in your second example you should do: # $NewThumb obtained elsewhere from the certificate Import-Module ...
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How do I configure RemoteApp to find the correct Gateway Server?

I found the place where I made the mistake in Server Manager/Remote Desktop Services/Overview/Tasks Edit Deployment. The outside FQDN goes in the Server Name field.
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Fine tune a Remote Desktop Gateway server to tolerate packet losses

RDP is pretty lighweigh, I recommand other thing for your router as it hit 100% CPU time. Rdp User found it drop, but Iam sure it affect you on other services Following our comment I would suggest; ...
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RD Gateway Manager cannot connect to local server

Lets check several things. Make sure that the RD Gateway role is installed on your RDS server. To do this open your Server Manager > Remote Desktop Services (left tree) and in the Deployment ...
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SSL Cert for RD Gateway is missing the AD subdomain. Am I hooped?

It turns out the certificate wasn't fully installed. The RDPublishedName is set to remote.mydomain.com and I exported the certificate from IIS and made sure it was installed on the RD Broker/Licenser/...
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Is the server without GPU is good for remote desktop?

All processing (including that of the graphics card) is done on the host computer. The power from the client computer doesn't matter as long as it has strength enough to run an RDP program. That said,...
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Can admin monitor what websites has be accessed?

Sure. Everything, including this kind of monitoring, is possible for almighty sysadmins, but: It would be unethical. Work computers can be used both for personal and professionally confidential tasks....
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Having an issue with Remote Desktop Services Gateway from external

Posting this just in case anyone runs into this issue with a terminal services setup in AWS behind an Elastic Load Balancer. Our resolution was to disable SSL termination on the ELB, so instead of ...
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MS RemoteApp broken after changing IIS bindings

Even though I still have a mismatch between public and private hostnames, I got RemoteApp working again via instructions here: http://www.concurrency.com/blog/w/remote-desktop-can%E2%80%99t-find-the-...

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