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You could try following approach: location ~ ^/(?<cmd>[^/]+)/(?<scd>[^/]+) { try_files /index.php?cmd=$cmd&scd=$scd =404; } location ~ ^/(?<cmd>[^/]+)/ { try_files /index.php?cmd=$cmd =404; } location / { try_files $uri/ $uri.html $uri.php$is_args$args; } We use nginx location matching algorithm here to first check ...


The term "rewrite" refers to a process which has as its input the URL requested by your website visitor, and as its output the URL passed to your CMS to produce the requested page. The service at generates a rewrite rule allowing your pages to be reached through URLs of the form


I'd suggest using a more up to date solution to this problem. In Startup.cs, configure the ForwardedHeaders middleware to use the X-Forwarded-Proto header provided by the load balancer: app.UseForwardedHeaders(new ForwardedHeadersOptions { ForwardedHeaders = ForwardedHeaders.XForwardedFor | ForwardedHeaders.XForwardedHost | ForwardedHeaders....

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