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rsync cannot have its bandwidth limit parameter changed dynamically. However you could Split the job into several smaller tasks where each will have a specific bw limit based on the time it starts, eg for instance rsync a b c d e target:/dir/ to rsync --bw-limit=bw1 a target:/dir/ ... rsync --bw-limit=bw2 e target:/dir/ Use the --time-limit=MINS option ...


You can try do something like that: rsync -xavi --rsync-path="[[ -d /media/guettli/backup1t ]] && rsync" --delete --delete-excluded \ --exclude '...' \ / /media/guettli/backup1t/


I figured that the only way to solve my issues was to have a daemon running on both sides. Since I didn't want to install Cygwin or WSL on the remove Windows Server (not under my control) I ended up using Unison which works perfectly fine so far. Syncing now takes 10-15 minutes. So use Unison with SSH I downloaded the SSH binary from the PowerShell ...

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