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passing additional parameters to rsync using rsnapshot

You should be able to use something like backup <source> <dest> +rsync_long_args=--copy-links in the backup section of the rsnapshot.conf file.
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Total space in bkps using rsync and hardlinks: who is right between du and Synlogy web interface?

du -hs is right. The Syslogy WebUI is probably not hardlink-aware. You can double check this by monitoring the volume free space.
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rsync IMAP SENT folders between 2 users

Try using imapsync, just selecting the Sent folder imapsync ... --folder Sent
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rsync is not preserving file timestamps with the 'a' option when writing to cifs mount

The problem you are hitting can be fixed by changing a setting on the Synology NAS. In the SMB Advanced Settings "Others" tab, check "Synchronize data to drive immediately upon SMB ...
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