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Ubuntu system logs written to ".log.1" instead of ".log" after rotation

where system logs are written into ".log.1" Looking at your config, I suspect your description of the issue might not be accurate. Gerald is right - you really should be upgrading the host ...
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Where is some os logs in Debian 12

In Debian 12, the traditional syslog system has been replaced with systemd-journald. This means that the old log files like syslog, messages, auth.log are no longer used. Instead, all system logs are ...
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How can I monitor journald to invoke a program on a condition?

I assume you want to do this for multiple servers, because serverfault is about managing servers in a business environment. It might be a overkill for you, but I would recommend taking a look at log ...
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logrotate wont compress and delete syslog templated files

You are sending the HUP signal to the syslogd process in the posprocessing phase to indicate that the daemon should recharge the configuration and begin writing in the new messages file, but you are ...
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