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Assuming you have a linux login user account bill, you have installed samba. If you are running SELinux then there are a number of other commands you will need to execute. Also, make sure you are not sharing smb to the world, your router or firewall should block port 137, 139, 445. # Block the outside world from your server's smb shares # assuming your ...


By default Samba preserves archive file attribute (from DOS/Windows file system) on Linux file system. Here's a detailed explanation about preserving archive attribute. It's done by setting the executable bit for for the owner when a file has archive attribute on; for example: -rw-rw---- 1 nobody nogroup 0 Nov 26 11:21 file_no_arch.txt -rwxrw---- 1 ...


Fixed; turned out it was because I had already started the kadmin and krb5kdc services, and since samba starts those services itself, this was causing the error.


I found out that if option oplocks = yes Samba will have the above behavior. So in any normal linux distribution you could set oplocks = no. However I'm not sure how to workaround QNAP overwriting the config file every time I change samba configuration (and maybe on reboot?). So I won't accept this as an answer, but it might help to someone else with the ...

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