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Access denied to Samba share from Windows 10

Found this with a google search, it's old but adding something that worked for me when none of these other answers did. I added an entry to the Windows Credential Manager for the remote-host-name. ...
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Is it the OS or Samba that is restricting access to systemd on a shared folder?

You can add the Rocky user to the smb_group on svr1 to grant access: sudo usermod -aG smb_group rocky Then restart samba You might need to adjust the file permissions on the shared_folder to allow ...
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Can't mount samba share, but can access using smbclient

temporal workaround: access it via GUI/nautilus and right click into the opened folder → open in terminal it will open you a terminal inside of the virtual storage layer that can be used the same way ...
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Mounting Samba share to Docker container

It turnes out, that the problem in fact originates from SELinux policies. Specifically, the podman container process (labeled as container_t) could not access the samba share directory (labeled as ...
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