Currently available in the following regions: East us West us North Europe West Europe Australia East Australia Southeast SAP HANA on Azure (Large Instances): Official name for the offer in Azure to run HANA instances in on SAP HANA TDI certified hardware that is deployed in Large Instance stamps in different Azure regions Reference: https://azure....


Tainted kernel means a condition that likely is out of support for the upstream Linux developers. Most maintainers on the LKML will ask for a reproduction of the problem on a non tainted kernel. Proprietary or out of tree kernel modules are a very common reason for this to be reported. But not the only one, for example a processor logging a machine check ...


easy :-) truncate table _SYS_STATISTICS.STATISTICS_ALERTS_BASE; have a look at SAP note 2170779. I usually have a cron job getting rid of older alerts with the "delete older entries" statement described in the note.

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