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How to test RDP credentials in command line without X server installed?

On Ubuntu it would be this: sudo apt-get install freerdp2-x11 xfreerdp /cert:ignore +auth-only /u:user /p:pass /v:host And if you don't have a display, you can use a virtual one: sudo apt-get install ...
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Faking the date for a specific shell session

datefudge is an alternative to libfaketime. It's used like so: datefudge "2020-01-01 12:00" bash to change the running shell to noon 1st of January 2020
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HEREDOC in Dockerfile produces no output

Parsing this command: RUN <<-EOF > /root/.npmrc registry=https://\${NPM_VIRTUAL_REGISTRY_REPO_URL} strict-ssl=false always-auth=true email=\${PUBLISHER_EMAIL} //\${...
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Set GitHub Actions Secrets on Docker Container Build/Run Command

It should work without eval. In this bash: line 1: secret1: command not found we can see that for whatever reason it tries to execute command secret1. Most likely it is due to the eval messing with it....
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