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How is uptime tracked in UNIX?

uptime gets its information from a date stored in memory when the system boots. After a system restore the kernel starts with new information. However the last information comes from a file, e.g. /...
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Explain load averages on Solaris 10

Quite a late reply but the accepted answer still has incorrect statements, is missing parts of the point, and suggest statistics lies while there is no reason here not to trust the ones reported by ...
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Where are the CA certs on Solaris 10

Updated answer for Solaris 11 (even though tags specify 10, this was the first hit when I needed the same info, but for Solaris 11): /etc/certs/CA/ in PEM format, vendor provided. Not sure about back-...
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Solaris SMF: Kill with custom signal, or get PID, or prevent kill of children

exec=":kill -USR1" does the trick. Without SIG. I was looking for this when defining method="refresh". jperkin set me straight with his example of exec=":kill -HUP", whereas on SmartOS using exec=":...
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Where does Solaris 10 keep a log of pfexec attempts?

Found it logged under audit class as. Then using: auditreduce -c as <audit_log_file> | praudit | grep "profile command"
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Sparc 5440 hangs during boot from cdrom

Seems that you replaced disks from other system with hardware RAID on it. You need to remove this RAID OR activate it. The first way. The longer way is to remove it via OS, but you need to know ...
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Is there an equivalent of /etc/sysconfig/servicename for Solaris?

Solaris 10 and 11 use what's called the Service Management Facility (SMF). The equivalents to Linux /etc/default/servicename and /etc/sysconfig/servicename would be found somewhere in the SMF's data. ...
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Solaris 10 zone: ping does not resolve but nslookup does

I reviewed some old system build notes, and found (and tested) the solution. I did create the proper /etc/resolv.conf in the zone, but that wasn't enough. You also need to edit the default /etc/...
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LDD cannot find library on sol11_64 bit

Since this library was a new dependency on sol11_64 all of a sudden, I needed to add it elsewhere in our makefile, specifically our LIBS variable, which is passed in during linking along with the ...
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Can we change the name of rpool?

To change the name of the pool, you should merely import it (which implies of course previous export) with the new name; however for root pool this requires the single mode and/or booting up from the ...
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SOLARIS 10 ZFS, I want to add spare with rpool but it gives me this error "cannot label 'c1t4d0': EFI labeled devices are not supported on root pools"

You can change the EFI label with command: # format -e c1t4d0 . . . format> label [0] SMI Label [1] EFI Label Specify Label type[1]: 0 Auto configuration via format.dat[no]? Auto configuration via ...
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In SOLARIS 10 ZFS, I want Hot spare pool and want to associate its 1st disk with rpool and 2nd disk with the xpool. What will be the complete method?

You can use commands like: zpool add rpool spare c2t3d0 zpool add xpool spare c2t4d0 This will add c2t3d0 as spare to rpool. Similar about the other disk.
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Solaris 10 stuck at boot

So i've been able to fix this by upgrading the firmware of the server from the ilom cli. All is fine now
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OS boot failure and automatic reboot in a Sun T5220 SPARC server

I haven't managed to find out the root cause of this problem. Nevertheless, a way to resolve it is to: Switch to the OK prompt. Boot in failsafe mode (ok: boot -F failsafe) and mount the root mount ...
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How to disable systat on Solaris 10 & 11

That document does not apply to Solaris 10 or 11 - if you read the introduction it discusses installing the "Solaris for ISPs" software on top of Solaris 2.6 using Java 1.1 and the HotJava browser, ...
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looking for dtrace script to list top used nfs files

The docs for the NFS DTrace provider are pretty good on the Oracle website. The scripts in particular that look useful to you are nfsv3fileio.d or (to get a lot more data that you might have to post-...
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Solaris 10 top more free memory than real

Solaris has different attitude in representing memory, I strongly encourage you use below instruction to get Mem info # echo ::memstat | mdb -k Page Summary Pages MB %...
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Can't install Solaris 10 on XenServer 6.5 VM

Solaris 10 (or any version of Solaris for that matter) isn't a supported guest in XenServer 6.5. Earlier versions appear to have supported it but not 6.x. There is an interesting discussion on the ...
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inconsistency between format and probe-scsi-all outputs

I've run into this before, and in my experience, is because one of two reasons: The disk is slightly different than the others. It has a slightly different disk geometry, or already has some kind of ...
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performing `cat` results in `Value too large for defined data type error`

Technically the other answer is correct. But what is happening is cat attempts to open the file you're trying to read, and calls (f)stat which is where the problem lies (you can see this by running ...
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Is it possible to mount CIFS onto Solaris 10 server

smbfs/cifs is not supported on Solaris 10. however, you can use smbclient to access the share from Solaris 10 (this is what we do), with something like : /usr/sfw/bin/smbclient -m SMB2 -W DOMAIN -U ...
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Perl virtual environments?

How would you switch the current version? Is there something for Perl which is like virtualenv? Yes, Perlbrew is a virtualenv equivalent for Perl.
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