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How to check progress of DBCC SHRINKFILE?

Query below will show you result like this: track dbcc shrink status ------------------------------- --Track DBCC shrink status ------------------------------- select a.session_id , command , b.text ,...
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How to check progress of DBCC SHRINKFILE?

Adding my own version for anyone interested, this converts the millsecond time columns into more readable minutes and seconds. select [status], start_time, convert(varchar,(total_elapsed_time/(1000))...
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MSSQL I/O performance degraded after SAN consolidation?

The first thing to keep in mind with combining those EQL arrays into a single pool is that workload on each volume has the potential to affect performance on other volumes. It's possible that your SQL ...
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How to encrypt connections to SQL Server with IPSec?

You can't use 'allow this connection if it is secure' until you have a connection security rule in place. This needs to be defined on both systems and have matching settings, just like setting up a ...
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Timeout saving table in SQL Server

This answer came up for me in Google even though I was adding an index, not changing a column. There is a better way to do long running changes: Make the changes you want to the design of the table. ...
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Add SSH host key to another user's PuTTY cache

After you added the SSH fingerprint in your local session you can also go to your Registry at HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\SimonTatham\PuTTY\SshHostKeys and copy the keys to other users, e.g. ...
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MSSQL I/O performance degraded after SAN consolidation?

The performance difference between VMDK and block-level iSCSI depend on workload type and may differ a lot from app to app. I would strictly recommend you to perform a test like running some of your ...
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MSSQL I/O performance degraded after SAN consolidation?

You probably cut down your "cache time" when shared the disks Imagine that you have two applications "A" and "B": Application "A" has a small database with ...
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Can SQL Server 2005 Use TLS 1.2 for Web Apps?

its not possible, TLS 1.2 is support only SQL 2008 or higher
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how to execute clearing of the procedure cache for one database

dbcc freeproccache functions at the Sql Server instance level, so yes, it does effect every database under a particular instance. To explicitly clear plans for a single database, you could run the ...
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DHCP address leases to SQL Server database?

Yes. From Log parser is a powerful, versatile tool that provides universal query access to text-based data such as log files, XML ...
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Schannel: Certificate received from the remote server was issued by an untrusted certificate authority

I just saw on Microsoft's site that this is a known issue all the way back to Windows 7. It must still be an issue since the article was just updated a few days ago. Their answer is to turn off ...
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SQL Server read-only user can connect local but not remotely

You can connect remotely if you have read-only access,there may be some error in DB authentication method.Use DB name to connect using right authorization.
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BULK INSERT fails and rollback or not?

You can rollback the inserts . To do that we need to understand two things first BatchSize : No of rows to be inserted per transaction . The Default is entire Data File. So a data file is in ...
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SQL Transactional Replication snapshot not applying

Check the Publication Properties-->Snapshot-->Location of snapshot Files-- Make sure put files in the default folder is checked, in my case it was't check marked instead put files in the following ...
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Give developers read-only access to schema

Here's full SQL (with user creation) CREATE LOGIN dev_datareader WITH PASSWORD = '340$Uuxwp7Mcxo7Khy'; GO CREATE USER dev_datareaderFOR LOGIN dev_datareader; GO GRANT SELECT, VIEW ...
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SQLServer - need to access an ACT! database for data migration

This is a very old post but I've recently come across the same issue with ACT! 17 PRO and people may need it as it goes out of support in November 2017. If you only need the data then using DBeaver ...
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How can I detach a database that is in use?

Don't forget to check "Drop Connections" from "Detach Database" window, otherwise it's very simple and just choose detach from the menu, see the image below:
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