Questions related to Microsoft SQL Server. If your question is version specific please tag it specifically for that version as well. Does your SQL Server question belong here or on another site? Click the about the SQL Server tag link on the line below.

The tag is for general questions related to Microsoft SQL Server and its various technologies. SQL Server is a very broad topic, much of which is perfectly suited for serverfault. SQL Server programming questions involving code, however, will be generally be better suited for stackoverflow.

If you have a SQL Server question, ask yourself the following questions to determine the best site:

  • Is the goal of my question to solve a SQL Server system administration (DBA) function? If not, then it's a good bet you should head on over to stackoverflow or superuser

  • Who would use the code that my question relates to the most, a developer or a DBA? If a developer, stackoverflow is your place. If a DBA, ask away here.

For information on how to handle installation errors related to the system language versus the installation media language, see SQL Server setup media does not support the language.