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How to redirect network traffic using squid and nginx to outer page?

Okay. My friend solved it using port forwarding without nginx or squid. For example: ssh -d 9898 username@ipadress Then go to Firefox -> Settings -> Network settings: Check radio button ...
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Squid + OpenVPN : 403 Forbidden

I am from China, this is because your squid proxy has not been configured properly, squid rejects ports other than 443https by default, so you have to release these ports other than 443
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Squid configuration to forward another proxy for internet only

I have figure it out. I defined a bunch of ips as localnet, for those that are not localnet it will forward to the parentproxy. for those there are localnet, it will be fetch directly cache_peer ...
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Number of nameserver entries in resolv.conf

My original solution to overcome the 3 nameserver limit on dual-stack systems was to install dnsmasq, however the work-around increases installation and maintenance costs far too much (I operate many ...

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