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Does the data size of an SSD chip have compatibility issues with certain boards?

Will the NUC have a hard time doing read/writes with that much storage? No, there are limits to disk size for all interfaces but the SATA and NVMe options you have in your NUC won't be remotely ...
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Why does fsck not working when I try to repair the filesystem

I found the solution. After running sudo gdisk /dev/nvme0n1 I got the following output: GPT fdisk (gdisk) version 1.0.9 Partition table scan: MBR: MBR only BSD: not present APM: not present ...
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Laptop disk swap HDD to SSD

In case anyone else is coming up with the same issue. I fixed it with the following: Boot your computer from the Windows installation media. Press Next at Language options screen. Choose Repair your ...
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