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What is the host key (the one from ssh connection) and how is it different from public-private key pair?

There is a mutual authentication in SSH. First, the client authenticates the server is indeed the one it wanted to connect. For that, it remembers the public part of the host keypair in the ~/.ssh/...
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Is it safe to ssh-keygen a "ecdsa-sk" or "ed25519-sk" in a potentially compromised environment?

Nothing is secure in a compromised environment. As pointed out in comments your host might be compromised at the UEFI level, making live CDs useless. If your host is secure but your target isn't, the ...
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Straight forward way to run ssh-agent and ssh-add on login via SSH?

If you used both zsh (Oh-my-zsh) and bash I have written this this little script that is compatible with it. SHORT_HOST="${HOSTNAME/.*/}" ssh_env_cache="$HOME/.ssh/environment-$...
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