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What causes SSH error: kex_exchange_identification: Connection closed by remote host?

I had this recently trying to SSH into a MikroTik Router (RouterOS v7.12). I hadn't allowed the subnet in /ip/services. Once I did, I could then successfully get into the router. Anyhoo, this resolved ...
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Google Cloud Services - unable to SSH into instance at all

Stopping and starting the VM instance solved it for me. You can do that via console... ...or via command line: gcloud compute instances stop <vm-instance-name> gcloud compute instances start &...
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SSH connection issue : How to change folder / file permissions in Windows similarly to Linux?

I come from the future! Bearing gifts! This is the magic incantation which ye seek! (from Repair-AuthorizedKeyPermission All of this can be done from a NORMAL, ...
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