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Is it safe to ssh-keygen a "ecdsa-sk" or "ed25519-sk" in a potentially compromised environment?

Nothing is secure in a compromised environment. As pointed out in comments your host might be compromised at the UEFI level, making live CDs useless. If your host is secure but your target isn't, the ...
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What is the host key (the one from ssh connection) and how is it different from public-private key pair?

There is a mutual authentication in SSH. First, the client authenticates the server is indeed the one it wanted to connect. For that, it remembers the public part of the host keypair in the ~/.ssh/...
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I don't see SSH disconnect events with `journalctl -u sshd`

TL;DR: Instead of journalctl -u sshd you should use journalctl -t sshd. To figure out that, I ran journalctl -o json-pretty and analyzed login and logout events. The login events have "...
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ssh_config Bad Configuration Option Error

According to the error message the problem is in line 2. Line 2 starts with 2022/07/.... It is missing the # character to mark it as a comment.
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Should I use my personal admin user or create a dedicated 'ansible' user for SSH in Ansible?

This a topic where there is probably no objective best solution and you'll get arguments supporting both options. I'm strongly opposed to "shared" accounts. Often more and more people will ...
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Can openssh daemon count key failures separately from password failures?

No, any authentication attempt is counted by sshd as "an attempt" regardless of the authentication method used. You cannot track different authentication methods differently. What you can do ...
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